Tradition Edit

The virtual adept tradition was a member of Technocratic Union untill x.

Paradigm Edit

Prodecures Edit

/traceroute Correspondence 1

This rote tells you where you are by measuring how far you are from certain landmarks you are familiar with. Good foci might be: /sudo ping New York/Time Square Results might be: /ping reply 21 km to NW in 47°angle. Or even with meters with more successes.

Suggestion Hacking Mind 2

This rote gives a simple single word suggestion to a target. The hacker might be sitting in a comfortable chair and unwilling to move even to get himself a Fanta, tho his thirsty. He might as for his Lan-party friend to get one, but after the friend declines, do the following: The hacker cracks into his friends computer screen or any screen he might be watching intensly and make the screen display a white backround with a orange text saying "2 Fantas", displaying that picture once every 25th of a second for a minute and soon the target will become thirsty and gets not only one but two fantas and might soo ask, "I brought two tho I wanted just one, anyone want this otherone?" Should be concidental.

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